Saturday, April 1, 2017

9:00 AM - 5:30 PM


Reston, VA



We are currently accepting speaker submissions for our Spring 2017 CodeCamp. If you are interested in speaking at the Northern VA CodeCamp, please submit your topic proposal(s) using our Call for Speakers form.

The deadline for speaker submissions is Tuesday, February 22, 2017 at 11:00 PM.


The Spring 2017 session schedule will be posted the week before CodeCamp.

Slides from Fall 2016 sessions

Wyn Van Devanter: The ASP.NET Core development workflow with Docker - Slides

David Makogon: A fun introduction to graph databases - Slides

Roberto Hernandez: Beyond Right-Click Deployments to the Microsoft Cloud - Slides

Kevin Jones: The HTTPS/TLS Landscape - Slides

Vinit Patankar: Office 365 Addin - Analyze Message Tone using IBM Watson Service - Slides

Brian Noyes: Building Data-Centric Apps with Angular 2 and Breeze - Slides

Steven Michelotti: C# 6 New Language Features - Slides

David Glick: Cutting Through The Static - Slides

Van Van Lowe: Code reuse using Angular directives - Slides

G. Andrew Duthie: Build Cross-Platform Desktop Apps with Electron - Slides

Sidney Andrews: The Distinguished Developer's Guide to Becoming a GitHub Connoisseur - Slides

Lee Richardson: 24 Resharper Tricks Every .NET Developer Should Know - Slides

Patrick Leong: Building IoT Apps using Windows and Alljoyn - Slides

Shahed Chowdhuri: ASP.NET Core MVC + Web API - Slides


The Northern VA CodeCamp is a FREE community event for developers, by developers. Our CodeCamp allows local developers to network and learn from peers and community experts on a wide range of development platforms and languages.