Saturday, April 1, 2017

9:00 AM - 5:30 PM


Reston, VA



If you missed our initial call for speakers we are still accepting submissions for backups and to fill some empty spots in the schedule. Click here to submit a talk.


The Spring 2017 session schedule will be posted the week before CodeCamp.

Slides from Fall 2016 sessions

Wyn Van Devanter: The ASP.NET Core development workflow with Docker - Slides

David Makogon: A fun introduction to graph databases - Slides

Roberto Hernandez: Beyond Right-Click Deployments to the Microsoft Cloud - Slides

Kevin Jones: The HTTPS/TLS Landscape - Slides

Vinit Patankar: Office 365 Addin - Analyze Message Tone using IBM Watson Service - Slides

Brian Noyes: Building Data-Centric Apps with Angular 2 and Breeze - Slides

Steven Michelotti: C# 6 New Language Features - Slides

David Glick: Cutting Through The Static - Slides

Van Van Lowe: Code reuse using Angular directives - Slides

G. Andrew Duthie: Build Cross-Platform Desktop Apps with Electron - Slides

Sidney Andrews: The Distinguished Developer's Guide to Becoming a GitHub Connoisseur - Slides

Lee Richardson: 24 Resharper Tricks Every .NET Developer Should Know - Slides

Patrick Leong: Building IoT Apps using Windows and Alljoyn - Slides

Shahed Chowdhuri: ASP.NET Core MVC + Web API - Slides


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